Environmental goals and politics

"Our contribution to the environment"

Being committed to the conservation of our environment by trying to save energy the most possible, corporations with local suppliers and the use of ecological cleaning supplies and caring about your well-being, your BEST WESTERN Les Terrasses de Montargis is the first Hotel in the Loiret-region to receive the European Ecolabel.

To guarantee the optimization of our energy and water saving as well as waste separation processes  there are a few fundamental rules for us to follow:

  • Creation of an improvement plan to rate and reduce our social, ecologic and economic impact on the environment.
  • Evaluate; control and limit the water and electricity consumption as much as possible.
  • Privilege eco-labeled products along their product life cycle: conception, production, distribution, use and appreciation of the used product.
  • Purchase of high energetic products
  • Purchase local products
  • Buying in big capacities to reduce packaging waste and transportation fees.
  • Reduce wastage and quantity of waste.
  • Waste recycling policy
  • Trainings to inform and form our staff about sustainable gestures.
  • Use of local products to prevent agriculture expolitation
  • Inform our clients about measures we take for our sustainability program and how they can support us

Collaboration and communication with evolved parties to improve and guarantee sustainable